The best innovations are driven by human emotion and need. While Dr. Kushwah was based in Ottawa, he started to experience severe dizziness, lack of energy which went on for over 4 months. It was starting to impact his day-to-day activities and he was losing a lot of weight  and while being busy with his work in Ottawa, he would attribute it to his workload and the weather. Over one of the weekends, when he was visiting his family in Toronto, he passed out in the middle of the day and was rushed to the hospital. After extensive investigation, it was identified that he has come down with a life-threatening condition called "bone marrow suppression", whereby his body had stopped making blood cells altogether.


This had been going on for over 4 months and while going through it, he had lost over 20 lbs and had become weak and frail. Luckily, the condition was caught on time and was treated. However, the biggest issue was the corresponding weakness, lack of energy and poor health which came due to extensive weight and muscle loss. He consulted with several healthcare practitioners so he could be placed on a modality to help him recover. However, it was clear that there was not a specific product to help him and all the healthcare practitioners could recommend was to say that it will take some time, rest well and eat well. In spite of the recommendations of the healthcare practitioners, Dr. Kushwah was unable to fully recover and would constantly have lack of energy, pain, body ache, lack of appetite, depression, anxiety and would also constantly come down with colds.

Being an extremely inquisitive and innovative person, Dr. Kushwah took control of his own health and set out on the path to develop something that could help him as nothing else was working for him. He spent day and night researching ancient texts along with clinical trials to identify natural products that had evidence to support health with various excruciating symptoms that he was experiencing. Several ancient herbal remedies which had been used by various cultures had a strong scientific basis to it which was supported by modern preclinical and clinical studies.


This was the turning point for Dr. Kushwah where he realized that far eastern cultures with herbal medicines may in fact have more benefits and efficacy than accepted by the western cultures. Coming to this realization, he set out on a journey, which took him to Far East and the Middle East. His journey took him to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and the Middle East.


In all the places he went to, he met with the experts specializing in the respective herbal medicines, such as Ayurvedic practitioners/experts in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka , Kampo medicine practitioners/experts in Japan, Traditional Chinese medicine and Iranian herbal medicine. He learnt about their herbal remedies, gathered extensive research data which at the same time was helping him recover.

The story behind DNA Tea

DNA Tea was founded by Dr. Rahul Kushwah. Dr. Kushwah’s background is particularly notable, having been Professor at the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Ottawa, a Scientist at the Human Health Therapeutics Branch of the National Research Council (Government of Canada), as well as a Banting Fellow (Select group of 22 recipients from all over the world).

He decided to bring the wealth of knowledge he gained during his journey with him to Canada so he could help others with their health and well being. This was the beginning of DNA Tea. Over the subsequent 8 months, he worked with healthcare practitioners including naturopaths, physicians, scientists and herbal practitioners to assimilate the wealth of knowledge he brought back with modern clinical and preclinical data to develop the range of health tonics and boosters offered by DNA Tea. Even today, he is constantly working in his pursuit to improve, develop and launch additional products with extensive science and research behind them to promote complete health and well being. He has not stopped at offering these solutions to adults and DNA Tea today is carrying a product lines geared specifically to the health of dogs and another product line geared to the health and well being of children.

DNA Tea product lines is the flavor of health, scientifically formulated with pure herbs shown in clinical trials to help promote well being while being completely free of chemicals, additives, preservatives and flavoring.





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