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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic questions

1.  How do I place an order?

Find the item you want, select the quantity, and then click the "Add to Bag" button. When you've finished browsing and are ready to check out, go to your shopping bag at the top right corner of your screen and click "My Bag". Make sure all the products and quantities in your bag are correct and click the "Checkout Now" button to continue. We'll take you to a protected server where you'll enter and confirm your billing, shipping and payment information.

2. What if I want to buy a larger quantity of an item than the website currently allows?

Please email our Customer Service Team at customerservice@dnatea.com for help in placing a large order. Or you may place multiple orders directly on our website.

3. What forms of payment does dnatea.com accept?

We accept the following forms of payment through Paypal: Visa,MasterCard and American Express.

4.  I live outside the United States and Canada. Can I still place an order?

To all of our international friends outside US and Canada, we appreciate your interest in DNA Tea. We do offer online shopping to our customers outside US and Canada; however, international shipping rates, duties and taxes will apply.

5. How do I know if it is 100% authentic Darjeeling Tea?

The global sales of Darjeeling tea is 4 times what is produced annually, implying that 75% of what is being sold as Darjeeling tea is fake. We take pride in sourcing our tea from the select few tea estates in Darjeeling which are exclusively certified to produce only Darjeeling tea.

6. How can I identify fake Darjeeling Tea ?

The key to identifying Darjeeling tea is a trade secret straight from the Darjeeling tea estates. If you were to take a fistful of Darjeeling tea and blow warm air at it, you should be able to smell the bright, floral aroma of Darjeeling tea.

7. How do I store DNA Tea ?

DNA Tea can be stored in the package it comes in but please ensure to place it in a dark, cool and a dry location.

8. How long can DNA Tea be stored for ?

Our blends are composed of pure, natural herbal ingredients and to maintain their aroma, taste and potency, we do not recommend storage beyond 8 months after purchase.

9. How do I prepare DNA Tea ?

We recommend 1 teaspoon of DNA Tea to be used per teacup. The ideal temperature for brewing our blends is 195 F. However, rather than using a thermometer, our tea sommeliers have identified a simpler way for brewing our blends. Bring the water quickly to a boil and remove it from the stove. Next, take the kettle’s wide lid off and wait for 30 seconds to a minute, and add it to the tea pot with DNA Tea. Wait for 3-4 minutes and DNA Tea is ready for you to enjoy. We do not recommend the use of tea infusers for our remarkable tea blends since the potency of herbs is reduced due to crowding of the leaves in the infuser.

10. Can I prepare iced tea using DNA Tea?

Yes, iced blends can be prepared using DNA Tea. However, it should be consumed right after preparation to maintain the potency of the herbal ingredients.

11. Do DNA Tea blends have any flavouring added ?

No, our Tea blends are completely free of chemicals, flavorings and preservatives. The taste is exclusively from 100% authentic Darjeeling Tea and 100% pure herbs.

12. Does adding dairy interfere with the benefits of the herbs in DNA Tea?

In order to retain the potency of the herbal components in our exclusive tea blends, we do not recommend addition of dairy products. However, these blends can be enjoyed with sugar, honey or lime.

13. Will DNA Tea be launching more tea blends ?

We are working round the clock to develop more unique, aromatic, delectable and impactful blends. Please join our mailing list for regular updates, specials and be the first ones with an opportunity to purchase our new blends even before an open launch.

14. Where is DNA Tea produced?

We are based in Canada and we take pride in blending all of our teas exclusively in Canada only.

Shipping and Delivery

15. When will my order ship?

Orders are shipped Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. DNA Tea makes every effort to ship your order within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving it. Once your order is shipped, you will be notified with a tracking number by email, which you can use to track your DNA Tea package.

16. Will I have to pay for shipping?

Shipping is FREE for CANADA, $10 for USA and $20 for REST OF THE WORLD.